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Feb 11th 2016

amatwiedle a posted 16 hours ago

I will be working on alot of issues that I tracked down today. I will be fixing these things tomorrow, so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

- Amat

Staff List

amatwiedle a posted Feb 3, 16

I thought this might merit it's own front page annoucement.


Result of Mainenance

amatwiedle a posted Feb 3, 16

The maintenance I preformed last night allowed me to fix a number of things, a list of which can be found at the changelog.

There are a few things left off of there that wont affect you the player directly, but allow me to fix stuff later down the road with much more ease.

Enjoy - Amat :)

I will be preforming maintenance on some things tomorrow. Sorry for any inconvenience.

This downtime will allow me to fix colors among some other things. What gets fixed / added will appear in the changelog :)

Website Updated

amatwiedle a posted Jan 30, 16

I have taken the time to update the website with many new features.

This is what I did:

- Added bug tracker under Info (For submitting issues directly to me)
- Added Changelog under Info (For you guys to see what has been changed in game)
- Added a Staff tab for applications
- Added an Enforcement Protocol (Server rules & Punishments)
- Updated FAQ

Hope you guys enjoy the new features, - Amat :)

Creepercrusher9 Just thought you should know that under support in thfor FAQ assist is spelled wrong Keep up th good work