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Server Open!

TheAngryKitten a posted Sat at 14:56

Hey guys, in a few short moments the server's whitelist will be turned off and we will officially be launching into BETA! Just wanted to go over a few things. First of all, thanks to everyone for wanting to be a part of the reboot of Mumau's Prison. We cannot wait to see this server grow.

A few more points. This server is opening into BETA, which means that some things are not 100% complete and there will be bugs. Please report any bugs you find on the forums or to one of us admins so we can make a note of it. Also, some areas (specifically free) are still being worked on.. so please pardon the appearance. The economy is still being worked out, so expect changes to be made to mines/prices. At the end of BETA everyone helping will receive a reward. There will also be a voting poll up to see if we should make any changes before going into the official launch. The map will most likely not be reset, nor will money accounts, so feel free to start saving up for that C1 you want. ;)

Have a great time, and feel free to ask us questions on the forums or on the server if you see us online! Check the FAQ for additional answers to your questions.


The Admin Team

Welcome Back!

amatwiedle a
amatwiedle @ Mumau's Prison
posted Nov 17, 15

This post officially commemerates the rebooting of Mumau's Prison Server.

We will go live November 28th, 2015.

We hope players old and new will join us in rebiulding this community to it's former glory.

Welcome back - The Admin Team

Adoptablezebra whens the server going up?